Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear Mr. Wilde,

My Dearest, Oscar Wilde.

I write to you today after spending four hours of my life analysing the forty-six years of yours.
It has come to my attention that you are, in fact, awesome.
I would like to officially apologise on behalf of society for you being sent to prison for being a homosexual.
It was wrong, and most people understand that now.

Respectfully yours,


IAmLucasJC said...

Can I just brag for a minute and say that I saw his grave in Paris?

And, can I also say that it was AMAZING?

kaaaase said...

Oscar is terrific!

(Yes we are on a first name basis hush.)

Junoluvsu said...

@Lucas can i just say i hate you for a moment?
but not actually.
i really love you.

Isn't he!?
he's absolutely fantastic!!
Well, after last night, im on a first name basis with his DAD!

Ben said...

Well I don't believe most of people accept the "homosexuality"concept yet. Most people have heard they should accept it and they are trying to be with the felow of socitey.We say that we understand and accept that concept. In reality still most people see it as something abnormal. Just look at all those "gay" jokes, unintentional descriminations and keeping distance that most people take from gay people ( unless they are gay themselves ) We are still live in dark age of mind state. The outter shell is different only. But you deserve an appreciation for a truthful and sincere respect to Mr.Wilde but trust me there are many of Mr.Wildes are in prison for same reason in "modern societies". said...

A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her.
-Oscar Wilde

thats true for both straight and gay people

"what else can i say everybody is gay" - nirvana

if i love jesus and i'm male do i go to prison?

Oscar Wilde is still alive in spirit and im sure he sends his love back to you..(i loved how you wrote this in the form of a letter)

Dear Juno
society would like to thank you for being posting with love and sharing your published work with the rest of the world. Please continue to have heart in all that you do

respectfully yours,

anyway nice post im just a random stranger that found you through youtube but I enjoy your writing as well as your work you have up online so far..

keep up the good trabajo amiga!