Thursday, April 23, 2009

us except accept you

listen to these people.
talk talk talk.
no, really, listen.
crap shit crap.
open your ears.
ignorance stupidity nothing.
your ears aren't open.
how do you hear?
what you expect?
is it true is it fictional
why! do you hear nothing.
why can't you see their words?
you see their lips moving     
       close your eyes.
open your mind.
they aren't wrong. they
aren't stupid. they aren't
what you want them to
they just speak in tongues that
see it that hear it that feel it 
    you me her life


open your mind.
read our lips. 
accept them us life

taste it. this way. that way.
hear our us pleas,e


jmerten5 said...

..Juno..That was brilliant.

Anonymous said...

love the lineament. and all of it. :)

Kate said...

ohoho drunken ramblings?

Ben said...

Very well done put together. It is quite meaningful and pleasent to read over and over.